Get your product idea or concept tested before going into development


UX/UI Prototyping

Our passionate product managers and UX designers will create an intuitive and beautiful design for your future product

Technology Research

Our senior engineers will recommend architecture, stack, and a development team with most relevant experience

Customer Validation

We will get your product tested by real customers and users from your target audience

our team

Work with experienced product managers to design and test your product with real users.
Meet the team:


Your vision and passion for the product or idea is an essential component for the KickStart teamwork.

Tristan Senycia

Product Manager

IT Management Consultant with a strong expertise in commercialisation management and go-to-market strategy

Yuliana Oselska

User Researcher

Professional User Interviewer with an interest in testing the usability and commercial value of new technologies & business models

Den Slisarchuk

UX/UI Designer

Highly experienced and creative product designer, specialising in transforming Product Concepts into seamless User Experiences

Sviatoslav Didukh

UX/UI Designer

Creative designer of attractive and engaging prototypes, possessing both strong wireframing and visual design skillsets

Andri Grushetsky

Product Advisor - YouTeam CPO

Chief Product Officer with a laser sharp focus for user research, customer validation, and old good common sense

Nikita Voloshin

Tech Advisor - YouTeam CTO

A technology expert with vast experience in the industry, critical mindset, and who can tell the difference between “apple and oranges” ;)

Anton Mishchenko

Marketing Advisor - YouTeam CEO

Serial entrepreneur with expertise in tech and startups, business management, digital marketing, business and product development

Yurij Riphyak

Business Advisor - YouTeam Managing Director

Serial entrepreneur with expertise in business development, startups, product management, international marketing, economics, UX/UI

How it Works

YouTeam’s Kickstart consultancy service is delivered in three Sprints. Since every project is different, you might choose one or more sprints to suit your needs and budget

Design Sprint

What you will get:

  • User persona(s) of your product i
  • Core User Stories i
  • Product map i & MVP map i
  • UX Wireframes i
  • UI Concept i

Approximate effort level:

  • 2 weeks
  • 5 Meetings or Calls
  • 40h of Product Manager time
  • 40h UX\UI Designer
  • 20h of Your time

Value of


Our price


Technology Sprint

What you will get:

  • Technology feasibility research i
  • Product scope, stack & architecture i
  • Time & cost estimations i
  • Tech team with relevant experience i
  • Development road-map i

Approximate effort level:

  • 2 weeks
  • 4 Meetings or Calls
  • 40h of Product Manager time
  • 20h of Tech Engineers
  • 20h of your time

Value of


Our price


Customer Development Sprint

What you will get:

  • Defined Target Audience and User Persona(s) i
  • Product assumptions, risks, and test plan i
  • Script for user interviews i
  • Product prototype for user testing i
  • Recruited users from the target audience i
  • 1 to 3 User Testing Waves i
  • Report of Customer Development findings i
  • A group of early adopters i

Approximate effort level:

  • 4 weeks
  • ~8 Meetings or calls
  • 40h of Product Manager time
  • 40h of Interviews' facilitator time
  • 40h of UX/UI Designers
  • 30h of Your time

Value of


Our price



Commit to all stages of YouTeam Kickstart

receive 15% off the full price £5670

£4819.0 excl. VAT

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The three key aspects of YouTeam service I liked the most are:
Cost - I can't think of another agency that provides the same breadth and level of service as YouTeam for such a competitive price.
London - having an office / employees in London is a huge benefit as I know I can pop in and see them at a moment's notice.
Thoughtful advice - probably the aspect I have benefitted from the most is the advice YouTeam have given me, both in terms of the product we are building and the way in which we are building it.


My business would not exist if it were not for and their incredibly insightful and helpful team. They consulted with me at every stage and listened to every concern and fear I had in launching my startup — they are professional, responsive and technically brilliant with a deep understanding of what a startup is and how best to create a product within a set framework. Without their help and expertise, it would have been extremely difficult to build

Merita Memisi, Founder at Ormary BROKERS.

They always are very keen to make sure that they understood 100% of what you need. Also YouTeam's project manager, that worked on Panda had his own decent startup-specific experience, which proved extremely useful — at all stages of our project. When he used to disagree with some part my vision — he always told me that and offered alternative solution. At that time this sometimes annoyed me — but today I'm grateful.

Hares Youssef, Founder at Panda

Over the past couple of years YouTeam provided continuous support and development in our online presence and digital marketing efforts. We are delighted with the outcomes of our cooperation and look forward to evolving our collaboration in future projects.

Ross Dines, Music Manager at PizzaExpress

frequently asked questions

YouTeam Kickstart

The KickStart programme is primarily for First Time Founders and Small & Medium Enterprises. It is also useful for time-poor Professional Founders, i.e. those who have started multiple product companies. Large Corporates are also invited to benefit from the programme if they are developing internal software and want to get it right from the outset.

The 'How it works' section provides the duration of each individual Stage of YouTeam KickStart. The overall duration of the KickStart programme depends on which Sprint(s) you select. You can just add these durations together. If you select all of the Sprints then it will take 8 weeks all up. Check suggested Sprints.

The 'How it works' section provides lists of deliverables for each individual Sprint of YouTeam KickStart. The deliverables of the KickStart programme depends on which Sprint(s) you select. You can select the Ultimate Package to get your master list of deliverables. Check suggested Sprints .

Yes, you can!

Your Team

The Product Managers, HR Specialists and Business analysts are all internal employees of YouTeam. The UX / UI Specialists and Senior Software Engineers are always sourced from one of the partner organisations in our vetted talent pool.

YouTeam provide a concierge level of service from our first business model meeting all the way through to post-MVP development (Scale-Up). Launching a startup isn't always a smooth process but we're there for you every step of the way, because we've been through the process before.

Yes, you can! In fact, in most cases, our clients continue on with the same team that was assembled for them during KickStart because by that stage the team members have built up significant product knowledge. The technical expertise required are identified during the Technology Sprint of KickStart. When the project goes into development we assist you to extend your team by adding extra specialists, where needed. This Sprint also provides you with a Roadmap to give you a bird's-eye view of which developers we are adding and when/how long they're required to work on your product.

Fees and Legal

The 'How it works' section provides the cost of each individual Sprint of YouTeam KickStart. The overall cost of the KickStart programme depends on which Sprint(s) you select. You can just add these costs together to get the amount payable. Alternatively, if you commit to all 4 stages upfront we are able to offer a 15% discount on the full price, which amounts to £4819 + VAT.

Payment can be made in full or in three installments:

  • ⅓ before start of work
  • ⅓ during week 2
  • ⅓ at the completion

For the purposes of the KickStart Programme, YouTeam acts as the Head Contractor and engages sub-contractors with specific expertise on the clients behalf. If the agreed scope requires input from specialists external to YouTeam Ltd, i.e. UX/UI Designers, Engineers & other specialists, they will be sourced from companies within YouTeam's vetted talent pool. You will enter into a fixed price contract with YouTeam Ltd, which will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

If you wish to stop the work, you may do so in the first seven days after initial payment has been made and get a full refund. No refund available after first 7 days.

About Us is a curated platform that matches businesses with tech talent available from within software companies around the globe. YouTeam also provides the following consulting/ advisory services:

  • Business (Product Commercialisation) and Technology Advisory;
  • IT Project Management;
  • Product Vision and IT Documentation (Part of KickStart);
  • Customer Development (Part of KickStart)

We will be happy to receive your call during our UK Office hours on +44 20 3868 7878. Alternatively you can send us an email to or visit our website at and use the chat form.

Let's talk about your project

Book a free consultation with one of our product managers now! No strings attached.

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